I see the home as a holy place where deep feelings of belonging, safety, love and family come together to create an earthbound type of spirituality.
Thomas Moore, the writer reflecting on the building of his home in Maine

John Nordquist, Builder

Education: Formal: Bachelor's degree in English Literature, University of Oregon, 1981. Informal: the trenches.

Journey: Rewarding, successful years as an outdoor leader, high school English teacher, and journalist followed by a leap of faith into designing and building in 1993.

Edge: Still swings a hammer.

Influences: The Not-So-Big concepts and books of Sara Susanka. His grandfather, a Swedish carpenter, and his father, a teacher, who taught that work done well is its own reward.

Philosophy: The spirit of a house starts with the spirit in which it is built.

On Building: The goal is to achieve a final simplicity that belies the complexity of the process.

On Design: 1) The land comes first: design with a sense of place. 2) Use restraint and seek the cleanest line.

Best Jobsite Dogs: Kuma, the white bear, Hurt project, 2007. Buster and Neko, Cross Project, 2013.

Lucky Break: 1996. Keith and Barbara Jensen trust him to build their home, though Keith is Norwegian and John a Swede.

Other Passions: Rivers and mountains.
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